Campus Walks

By Maha Khalil

Have you ever stepped off the beaten track of the campus avenue and walked amongst the trees and shrubs around and beyond the buildings?? Have you ever noticed how many different birds are flying from tree to tree? How many different bird calls have your ears detected? Have you noticed the red flowers and the pomegranates? Sniffed the blooming citrus trees??

v7-2If the answer to any of these questions is no, you might want to join us on our Campus Walks!!! The Environmental Awareness Association (EAA) in collaboration with the Biology Club is guiding a Campus Walk every Monday during Assembly Hour to give students, staff and faculty a tour around the less-travelled paths on campus, pointing out whatever is interesting, alive and beautiful on campus which, in the hustle of life, you may not have noticed… Three walks have already taken place and there are more to come.  If you would like to take a load off and admire the nature on campus, join us! The meeting point is in front of Quick 24, and we will be holding a sign.

For more information, please contact Maha Khalil at


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