The Pre-Med Program at AUC

By Sarah Beshay

Posters around AUC have been noticed recently that advertise for the new pre-med program opening up. One of the biology department Professors, Dr. Rania Siam was interviewed:


Q. Is the program that AUC offers accredited by ALL medical schools?

A. Yes, the list of courses of the pre-med track has been prepared under the supervision of the AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) and they satisfy the general requirements of universities of North America and Canada, which are 1 year of Biology, 1 year of Physics and Mathematics, 1 year of Chemistry.


Q. What are the chances of students doing pre-med at AUC being accepted into medical schools? or What percentage of those who applied so far have been admitted?

A. There are no statistics so far, however, acceptances are happening.  On the other hand, some applicants have not been accepted into medical schools, and that’s not unusual.  It is also relevant to consider that becoming accepted into medical school is dependant on several factors other than the courses that have to be completed.  Students should maintain good records in extracurricular activities, results of MCAT’s are another factor, together with the application that includes a statement written by the student and reference letters.  All those are important besides doing considerably well academically.


Q. Does pre-med at AUC prepare students well for medical school abroad, or do they usually face any problems?

A. There is no sufficient information about that so far, because the program is relatively new and the number of students that have already gone to medical schools is not that large.


Q. Are there any extracurricular activities related to pre-med that AUC offers?

A.  This is a major concern in the short-term plan.  However, students are being advised to participate in any volunteer work they get a chance to.  Also, students are being directed to make their senior thesis about topics that are close to medical fields.  Students should then take the opportunity to do as much activity-related kinds of work together with their research as they work on their thesis.


Q. Are there any preparatory courses for MCAT’s that AUC offers?

A. No, there are no such courses given in Egypt.  However, the university organizes the enrolment of students into Kaplan preparatory courses.  The university also coordinates the reservations in MCAT’s as well as look at their applications and give feedback in order to enhance their chances.


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4 Responses to “The Pre-Med Program at AUC”

  1. Haidy Says:

    Does pre med in Auc allow students to study in medical schools in egypt?

    • bioclub Says:

      I’m afraid I don’t know… You should email the department Chair to ask about that. I’m sure you can find his email on the AUC website.

  2. M. kamal Says:

    Hi, I am a fresh graduate from the faculty of pharmacy Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. I am willing to apply for a medical school in the USA/Canada. Throughout my studying period in the faculty of pharmacy I certainly took these general requirements of universities of North America and Canada, which are 1 year of Biology, 1 year of Physics and Mathematics, 1 year of Chemistry & and even more.

    But some ,Med schools require a year of studying in an American university, can I take this through the Pre-Med program at the AUC ?
    Also studying at the AUC will allow me to finish the prerequisites for applying to a Med school abroad.

    Please provide me contact information of Dr. Reem Siam.

    • bioclub Says:

      Unfortunately, I can’t really answer your question because I don’t know the answer. However, I do think that with your background, the additional year at AUC’s program, even if it’s possible, is not going to add anything to your education. You will probably find the classes repetitive given your current background. The experience of the AUC style of education might be very interesting as an experience to you, but I doubt that the content will add much to your knowledge.

      Having said that, you should speak with one of the professors in our department. Contact Dr. Rania Siam. I’m sure you can find her email somewhere on the AUC website or if you just google her. She is probably the best person to help with this.

      PS: I graduated about 2.5 years ago so I’m not very up to date with the latest in the system.

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