Why Biology?

By Maha Khalil


Many AUC students ask us bio majors why we are majoring in Biology, and we are getting rather good at coming up with interesting answers such as: “I woke up and found myself a bio major,” or “a man dressed in white came to me in a dream and told me to,” or simply “why not?”

When people ask us this question, they usually want to know what we hope to become after we graduate, and it is hard to answer because there is no straight answer.

nnn4A biology graduate could become anything from a nothing to a stem cell researcher, depending on his/her competence and passion as well as many other factors. Dr. Andrew Main, founder of the AUC Biology Department, recently undertook the laborious task of attempting to contact 63 recently graduated Biology students (58 of whom Dr. Main was able to acquire information about) and formulating a number of tables summarizing what they are doing and where they are in the world. Using this data, charts were created below that would visually represent the results of Dr. Main’s efforts and hopefully attempt to give AUCans an idea about what they could accomplish if they major in biology. 


On behalf of the entire Biology Department, we would like to thank Dr. Main for providing us with the data necessary to create these charts.


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