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Note to AUCians

October 9, 2009

By Mary Habib


While I was walking one day beside the green area in AUC, I noticed many cigarettes are buried in the Palm Trees and around the fountain area. I really got depressed. How much effort AUC workers are exerting to provide you with fresh air and nice places to sit in and you smokers cause their efforts to be in vain.

Not only fresh air and green view are offended, but also class material is deformed. It was 3:30 pm and I was sitting in my class waiting for the doctor and my colleagues were there. Boredom was spreading and spare time came to find someone holding their pen to draw a portrait for the colleague sitting next to them. I thought it was only to kill time graphing on air, but I realized at the end of the class that it was a desk that was left with the random scratch on it.

I am just asking why we give ourselves the right to hack public benefits. Why we even think of the beauty of the environment and tings around us and simply smile without putting our painful sign on them.

The Biology club family is inviting you to sense the beauty of life and promote your environment protection. And always remember life is a big basket, if you spoil, it can’t be able to carry anything for you. Enjoy your life.



Cigarettes Off!

October 9, 2009

By Heba El-Swais


I would like to address AUCans’ habit of putting out cigarettes on trees. To you, it may look like a piece of wood that can be used to put out your cigarette, but it is living, and tissue does die when burned. How hard is it to put out your cigarette by stepping on it then throwing it in the trash? No need to kill a defenseless tree because you decided to inhale toxins. Trees have enough to do in Cairo by dealing with the smog of the city. The tree should not have to suffer for your need to put extra carbon monoxide in your lungs. 

                                                                    Heba El-Swais,